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2020 Projects

Baking Group


Our baking group is involved with putting together a recipe book for homemade recipes that we aim to publish soon.  The group write up the recipes, try them out, taste them and take home samples to share.

Recycling Group


To fit in with The Otium Centre's ethos, we are heavily involved with recycling and are currently offering 'tip runs' to dispose of any cardboard, plastic, wood, glass and other recyclable items for friends and supporters who would like to use this service.


We also recycle old clothes, material and other bits and pieces within our craft groups to create new items - for use around the Centre or for decoration/artwork.

Theatre Workshop


Our Theatre Group lets our Members try out their performance skills (singing, dancing, acting, speaking) giving them confidence to be in front of an audience; plus also planning, producing and directing shows including organising the lighting and sound.

Design and Create


Our design and create group works alongside the theatre workshop group by looking at the backstage work - making props, costumes and scenery. 

Arts and Crafts


Our arts and crafts group are involved with a variety of crafts including felting, pottery, making collages, tie-dying and anything else that takes our fancy!

Enterprise Group


Our Enterprise group are involved in making items to sell to fund extra activities for Members.  This bird box was one of the items for sale at Christmas.

Nature Watch


We love to watch the squirrels and birds and we learn a lot through our nature watch sessions. 

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